Available for iPhone & Android

Available for iPhone/Android

Plan, plot and save your routes.

Rate other users’ routes.

Watch video run throughs of popular
routes in the UK by some of the most
experienced riders in the country.

Geo-tag your photos to your routes!

See EuroRAP’s most risky roads and
routes in Britain for bikers.

Sign up to post-test training.

Myth busting videos

James Toseland…

…myth busting videos starring
the former double World
Superbike Champion

Tell your mates where you are going

locate pubs, cafés, hotels, meeting points, petrol stations and much more…

connect with the biking community by sharing your rides / routes via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites

Isle of Man TT

Visit www.iomtt.com to find out about the Isle of Man and the famous TT circuit, where we filmed for iBiker
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